About the website Fiscalimmo

About the website

Pierre Presse 

As a specialist in tax law and a member of the RICS, I have been working on the taxation of real estate for over 20 years now. As I also teach courses for real estate professionals at the  ICH (Institute of Economic and Legal Studies in the Real Estate, Construction and Housing Sectors), it seemed a good idea to start this website.


I had in mind two objectives:

  • on the one hand, to provide essential information concerning the taxation of real estate in a practical way while trying, as far as possible, to monitor the real estate cycle,
  • on the other, to create an outlet for up-to-date news on real estate taxation, focusing on the practical implications of new developments (law, court rulings, administrative doctrine, etc.).

The aim is to provide quick answers to those working in the world of real estate as regards those tax questions, whether basic or practical, that arise in everyday professional practice. 

Specifically, students will find here the fundamentals of real estate taxation that are further developed during the courses (50 hours) so they can at any time return to the basic principles and thus not lose track. 

The aim is also to ensure an understanding of tax issues with regard to their professional activities so they can link their knowledge, which is sometimes rather theoretical, to their professional practice.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog!


Pierre Appremont